Gelang Plat w/ 18k gold emas bulan

Gelang Plat takes its simple form in exchange for a wider surface for decorations. This type of bangle is widely used throughout Indonesia as sometimes symbols and shapes speaks more than its physical shape. In this case, the 'Padi' pattern is used to decorate the bangle's surface to represent the rich rice fields the nation is known for.

The Emas bulan (golden moon) center piece is inspired by the men of Maluku where their status is associated directly with their ability to hunt. Their emblems of success were discs made out of gold and silver known as the "golden moons" as the moon and sun were considered great hunters hence the solar motif.


- 925 silver body
- 18k gold center
- Padi pattern

- ±9mm width

- ±1.8mm thickness

- Adjustable (contact us for more information regarding sizing) 

- IDR 3.000.000 (PADI MOTIF) (USD $300.00) 
- IDR 2.750.000 (PLAIN) (USD $275.00)
-  (note: Prices may fluctuate due to the current gold price)




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