Mamuli Charm

With many striking jewellery from Sumba, the Mamuli is best known for its omega-shaped form. It’s usually found made out of gold which is considered sacred as gold is believed to be of celestial origin and is linked to the sun. Despite it’s great value and beauty, it is also seen as being hot and bitter hence to be handled with care and respect. It plays a great role in Sumba as a heirloom jewellery and is often used in ritual, religious, social, ceremonial and artistic life of the Sumbanese.

Redesigned to fit the Kal Akkara aesthetic, the Mamuli charm can be paired with other products to act as a complimentary piece or a stand-alone charm.

- 925 silver

±2 x 1cm

- IDR 225.000 (USD $22.50) 






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