Koya Pouch

In collaboration with designer Gusti Sagara, the Koya pouch is inspired mainly by the Baduy tribe of Banten, Indonesia. It features unique linings crafted traditionally by the Baduy people from the bark of Teureup tree famous for their strength and durability.

The process starts with the search of the Teureup tree in the forests where the barks are gathered. It is then dried and turned into fibers to ease the process of turning them into threads. The threads are then woven to make various accessories such as the Koja bag.

The name "Koya" itself is a direct reference to the renowned Koja bag of Baduy where it's used to carry belongings as they travel for miles on foot displaying durability, strength and craftsmanship. 


- 925 Silver (button)

- Leather body (±14 x 19cm)

- Teureup tree lining

- Limited to 4 pcs 

- IDR 1.300.000 (USD $130.00)





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