Silver Care:

There's nothing like a patina- we encourage that silver products are to be left as is, meaning that it doesn't need to be cleaned nor cradled. It's very satisfying to watch silver undergo an oxidation process where some part will change color mostly due to air and sweat, hence each person will vary depending on the environment and lifestyle of each individual.

When cleaning is necessary, do consider buying an aftermarket silver cleaning products usually a wipe or soap-like solution.

All our silver products include an unwritted lifetime warranty, so if something unwated happens just come by our workshop and we'll do our best to help you out.


Leather Care:

Any of the leather products should avoid getting wet at all times as it will dehydrate them when dry and causes it to break easily (exceptional for sweats). Although it will eventually get worn anyways (especially for strings), keeping it dry will give it more life and a natural looking patina.