Timeless artistry

Kal akkara focuses in forging and crafting accessories, drawing inspiration from various cultures of Indonesia. The diversity of the nation's culture and its rich historical root is the key element of our design and ideas, displaying a wide range of modernized accessories. Preserving traditional craftsmanship, each piece is handmade by local artists and craftsmen to achieve quality differ from that of machine made goods offered as a lifetime companion.

The name is taken from two Indonesian words, kerakal-stones and akar-roots which are two natural materials playing a big role in the concept of the brand. With its physique, stone represent a strong and durable foundation reflected in our material of choice. Concept wise, roots symbolize the nation’s rich historical root of diverse culture and it being the main influence of our design and ideas.

The two put together creates a brand which showcases a modernized silhouette of early ethnic accessories able to endure the test of time, a true timeless artistry.


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LINE: @kalakkara

Phone/watsapp: + 6 2 8 1 2 8 1 1 1 8 6 8 9 

Instagram: @kal.akkara